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NationWatch Protective Advisors, LLC is a company dedicated to counter-terrorism awareness and criminal activity prevention through comprehensive site visits at government, commercial, and residential facilities, as well as special events, in order to create thorough threat and vulnerability assessments for preventive risk management, crisis action planning, and enhanced resilience. Firearms instruction is conducted by certified NRA and Georgia P.O.S.T. Firearms Instructors.

Services offered include:   

  • All-hazards vulnerability assessments with a final report and presentation listing Commendable Actions and Options for Consideration of identified vulnerabilities.
  • Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism Awareness training specifically tailored to your site and target audience.
  • Assistance in developing and conducting seminars, table top exercises, and drills.
  • Training on prevention and preparation for workplace violence and active attacker scenarios.
  • Training on Bomb Treat Management planning.
  • Personalized firearms training for Georgia residents and HR218 LEOSA re-qualification for retired law enforcement officers.

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